Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If you are preggers, listen up!

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Tonight I am enjoying a fringe benefit of my last baby boy, nice nursing pjs. When TZ was a babe, I wore gowns with long hole down the front that would gape at inconvient times. DG's baby hood involved me stealing J's ratty t-shits because I couldn't bear to wear those ugly gowns again. But when GS was on his way I begged for new lounge wear. My dear husband and mom in law graced me with new jammies. The pairs I bought worked all the way through my pregnancy, I wore them in the hospital, I am wearing them still, and I plan on wearing them long after GS is no longer nursing. My favorites are Mamajamas! Here is how they look.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks JC!

J breaks in the milkshake machine, tastes his creation, and states:
"In heaven we will get one of these every day."

DG gets his snack on....

Bubba T & Bubby D

GS is getting big...

This week brought, not just one, but two new teeth.
This boy loves a bath. This was a bright moment on days with lots of tears.
GS ear drum burst last weekend.
He can now take his socks off before he eats them.
And.....drum roll please.....
He can now pull up to stand!

J's Birthday

Per TZ's request we fired up the player piano for one more round of the 12 Days of Christmas.
Don't forget - J's birthday is January 2nd!

Let us eat cake.
Thank you Grammie, TZ, and DG for the cake we are about to eat.
First stop, Double Daves for pizza and games.

Monday, January 18, 2010

'Tis the Season, part 10 - Tree 6, Lange House

Grandma & Grandpa opening gifts.
J & W peel potatoes with spoons! Boy scout style.

Nana and her some of her boys.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tis' The Season, part 9 - Tree 5

Checking out our goodies.
Our family on Christmas morning.
Yum, Grammie!
JR helps keep GS from eating wrapping paper.
The boys test their new sleeping bags.
Our fifth "tree" was with Grammie, JR's mother. After we tore through our gifts at home, we head over to her house for breakfast and more gift fun!

'Tis the Season, part 8 - Tree 4 - Santa Came!

GS explores what Santa left in his stocking.
DG asked for Santa for one thing.... a GIANT candy cane.
See what Santa left?
TZ is showing off what he asked Santa for, and recieved....
a Goosebumps Wii game.

'Tis the Season,part 7 - The Twelve Days of Christmas

Each Christmas Eve, we gather around our player piano and sing carols.
We sing many songs, but these pictures are of our (at least my) favorite song:
The 12 Days of Christmas
It is TZ's favorite too.... check out that HUGE smile on his face!
This particular tradition can be a little frightening to children the first time they are exposed. See the fear on the face of GS?
Check out the moves my family have got!
If you are free on Christmas Eve, come on over - we'll let you sing.