Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Grandparents

On Good Friday, we went to Ballinger to see my Grandparents.
We celebrated my Grandmother's birthday and my Grandpa getting a new cornea and him regaining some of his sight! Praise Jesus!!!

More Birthday Pics!

GS Party Day!

My favorite GS pic of the day!
J, T & the birthday boy.
TZ waiting for cake.
DG is all grins.
Grammie made one cute cake!

Hollway Celebrate-

Nonnie helps DG blow bubbles.
Nana does some target practice.
Cupcake for the birthday boy.
DG blows BIG bubbles.
GS is almost 2!

Soccer Saturdays

Saying Goodbye

These pictures were taken as we were getting ready to say goodbye to my dad.
Some sweet people helped make all the kiddos Skeeterbilt shirts for the funeral.

Snow Day!

Pinewood Derby Races

DG being DG.
TZ and proud papa....
TZ shows his medal...
I think DG calls this "rock and roll"!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Blanket

I love, love, love this baby blanket I made. The nursery was being done in black and white and I did have reservations about a black and white baby blanket. Boy, was I wrong... I love this blanket!

"Look Mom"

GS pulled all of these
cans and jars out of the cabinet and
put them in a neat little row.
strange little 20 month old...

Santa Came!

Best.... Christmas.... Gifts.... Ever!

Bath time!

TZ- basketball super star!

A Little Project

This is in Anthropologie and DIY showoff inspired project. For a long time, I have been searching with something to do with this old window I found at my Great-grandparents house. I found the instructions here:
I decided that I didn't want to glue down the fabric to the window. I simply stapled fabric to the frame so I could switch it out if I would like to.

Now, what to put around/ with it... let the junk hunt begin!