Friday, November 27, 2009

Little Man strikes a pose.

Black Friday (aka the Third Ring of Hell)

Most of you know that the ladies in my family over 18 go to Black Friday sales. It is a tradition and if you don't go you'll miss out on great deals and great fun (tongue is tucked tightly in my cheek). The most compelling reason for me to participate in this madness year after year is the following: if you are the "missing person" you WILL be talked about. I go in order to defend myself. Truth be told, I enjoy this more than I care to confess. Here are some pictures of the shopping adventure. Let the madness begin.
The huge pile of stuff in the first picture is ours. The last four show how we "packed" the car after purchasing things in two big boxes. K was such a trooper. Yes, we trapped her under two boxes. Yes, M and I had to lean forward all the way to my house. Yes, we know it probably wasn't the safest way to travel!

Thankful For....

My life-lovin' boy...
My hubby....
My boys....

Being a mommy to this little guy...
and this wonderful big brother.

It's Turkey Time!

Grammie & the boys
Gigi gets some GS love.
Go Cowboys!
Chey says, "I'm thankful for texting."
"Here K, try this."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Now everyone will know... the boys take after their dad.
JR is snoozing in a way that is not at all uncommon in the Lange house.
GS in typical Hollway boy "snooze form".
DG enjoying his afternoon siesta.
TZ as only child, snoozing with absolute peace and quiet.

I know what all my 10's of blog readers are thinking.... how could these three little boys possibly be related. I mean, they look NOTHING alike! You will just have to take the boss' (that's me) word for it.

Hook'em Babies!

GS is doing it.
DG did it when he was only a few days old.
TZ was the first one to do it.

JR and I didn't train them or ask them to do it. They just did it. And I was smart enough to take a picture. Coach this is for you! And Aggie Cousins - forgive them....they are children, they don't mean to break your hearts!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas List

Today, I am just going to put a few things down to help you out in your shopping endeavors. Check back for updates to our lists.

Galactic Heroes Star Wars figures
Lego sets (Star Wars)
Nerf guns
Nerf anything
Spy Gear
Sport Items - outdoor games, etc.
Goosebumps Books
Wii Game Marvel Heroes

Building Blocks - K'nex, Duplo, Lego City, etc.
Spy Gear
Nerf guns
Nerf anything
Art Items - he loves to color, paint, mold, draw and create
Spider man stuff
Flash stuff (I haven't found anything out there - but that is his favorite character)
Scooby Stuff

toys that light up (what baby doesn't love those)
winter clothes - size nine months
spring/summer clothes - size twelve months
board books
touch and feel books

Wii Active
Wii Active - More Workouts
games to go with the Wii Fit board
Circle E candles
Silicone cover for Wii Fit board
Willow Tree Figures -
Child's Touch
Child of My Heart
Kindness (boy)
New Dad
Our Gift
Silicone cover for I-pod classic

Cowboy t-shirt - size large
Mickey and the Motor Cars
- Live @ Billy Bobs
- Naive
- Careless
Reckless Kelly
- Bullet Proof
Stoney Larue
- Live at Billy Bob's
- Red Dirt Album
- Weird Science
- Step Brothers
- Max Payne
- Watchmen
- Ghost Rider
- Wolverine
- Pineapple Express
- Idiocracy
- Bit Lebowski
- Ladies Man
- Supersta
Wireless Router

TZ - Our Big Guy

TZ is going to be playing a little piece he learned in music class.
TZ was a mummy this year for Halloween. He had trouble deciding between all of his favorite classic horror characters: Mummy, Frankenstein, and Count Dracula.

DG - Super Itchy and Super Fast

DG was Flash for Halloween. He was super fast and powered by sugar.
He found something in our back yard and had THIS reaction. He was super itchy!

Little "Looker"

Check out those lashes!
All Smiles

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boys at the Dallas Zoo

GS & Me - a self taken photo
DG taming the tortoise

TZ- bird whisperer

Birthday Dinner at Sealy Flats

To celebrate turning 29 (again), we went to a new restraunt called Sealy Flats. They have live music and a great atmosphere. JR listened well to my not-so-subtle-hints this year and bought the Wii Fit I'd been begging for. So far, I love playing it. My favorite games are: snowboarding, zen focus, and the snowball fights.

Zapata Falls

Boys love adventures! We visited Zapata Falls this summer in Colorado. You hike up a running river bed, into a cave, and then you can see the falls. The river water was like ice. Justin and I took turns carrying GS, DG walked on rocks when he could, and TZ was the real trooper... he just hiked through the ice water without one complaint. JR thought the water felt good and I, on the other hand, I let everyone know how much pain my feet were in!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trying to Learn the Ropes!

I am having fun playing with the pretty things I can do on this blog. I am just having trouble "learning the ropes". I have tried many times (with no success) to customize my header! GRRRR! I'm sure I can figure it out. One day.

Also, I wanted to post pictures of my birtday dinner at a new restraunt and my camera decided not to cooperate and let us download the pictures. GRRRR! The camera also contains all "new" pictures of the boys (I haven't downloaded since August - shame on me!). GRRR!

So far, I know how to do the following 1) Get a free background. 2) Get tickers or counters. 3) Move things around (kind of) on my right hand sidebar.

If you have any "tips of the trade" that would make my blogging more simple, please feel free to share!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Historic First Post!

OK Marcie, my first post is dedicated to YOU! Here's the blog - I hope mine can be half as good as yours! Thanks for my Friday morning coffee - your card arrived and I enjoyed one cup of my birthday present yesterday! Miss you!