Friday, February 26, 2010

TZ Rides That Sheep!

Mutton Bustin' Pics

I was victorious over the sheep.
Mutton busters waiting to enter the ring.
TZ couldn't wait!
TZ cowboys up!

Practice Makes Perfect!

DG is practicing his for Mutton Bustin' just for fun!
TZ is practice for Mutton Bustin' because
no sheep is gonna knock him off!

This Is Why...

This is why...
if TZ is sick, then DG is sick
if DG is sick, then TZ is sick.
This is why...
I have not one, but two, boys with RSV.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day!

J and TZ make a snow alien!
DG you are my snow angel.
TZ enjoys snow angel fun.
GS says, "you gotta be kidding me"!
Our front yard is a winter wonderland.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Hair Cut

GS before shot.
We started out in his high chair.
Then, we moved to the sink to offer some distractions.
Look, Dad, this makes lots of noise.
GS after his hair cut! Too cute!

Sunny Sunday

Today, we enjoyed riding dogs,
hanging on for dear life,

a free ride on Daddy's back,
train rides with Mommy,
and riding four wheelers in the west Texas sunshine.

Rodeo Parade

Friday, February 19, 2010


Here is a picture (taken on purpose) of my favorite pair of boots and GS' first pair of boots.
Thank you Grammie for these darling little things.
My favorite pair are:
ostrich skin
lime green tops
the most comfortable boots ever
attention getters
and a gift from my dear hubby!

Yee Haw! It's rodeo time is West Texas!

DG and GS just couldn't make it through the rodeo.
Us and the big-blue-blue-cross-blue shield bear.
J, I, and GS before he conked out.
TZ and DG check out the goat.
Say "llama"!

MMMMMM.... Pickle!

What is that Dad?
Let me have a bite.
Mmmm... that was good.
As a side note: I know GS loves pickles
and ice cream (remember this) but,
I did NOT crave pickles and ice cream when he was "in the oven"!

Baby Blankets

I made this first blanket for baby Kenley.
It has a rag quilt top and a binky dot backing.
This blanket was made for Lyrik.
Finally, this was made for East Texas Grady.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guess Who?

Guess who is my valentine....
I'll give you some hints:
1) He goes by several names: J, JR, Daddy, J Money Funk Dog, and Dorcus Porcus.
2) He has been my valentine for 15 years.
3) He is a hunting-loving-bow-shooting-wife-pampering-diaper-changing-co-sleeping-night-duty-sharing-daddy-of-three.
4)He only believes in science. Just kidding. He believes that GOD orchestrates all things under the sun and has a curiosity about how the Big Guy makes it all work.
5) Loves to watch movies. And, loves to fall asleep watching movies.
6) Is sitting with me enjoying a quiet moment with me on this Valentine's day. We are eating a dessert called Chocolate Damnation and watching the movie Chocolat.

I love you J! Happy Valentine's Day!

Fun Valley Fever

My boys and I have a real, honest to goodness,
severe case of:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Folks, it is in the genes!

Bring it here Mama, hurry up!
If you know anything about J, I and the rest of our crew, you understand that we love ice cream. We like to make it, eat it, and share it. Here is GS enjoying a trip to Baskin Robbin's $1 scoop night. We went in celebration of TZ's proud panther award.