Wednesday, June 9, 2010

J's Knee

Like the yellow foot?
J showing off his designer hospital bracelets.

Fossil Hunting

"Look Mom, I found one!"
The Miller's came over for a visit.
This one is cool!
Therapod footprint.
The boys and I check out a meat eater print!

Dinosaur Valley State Park

DVSP rocks! This is the Sinclare brontosaurus model & us.
DG and I chill on a rock. The water was muddy from a great rain the night before!
Grammie and the boys pose with the t-rex.
GS loves the water.
DG & TZ are on the hunt for dinosaur prints.

Dino World - part 2

One of the boys favorites was the fossil dig.
Here we all are!
Here are the big guys!
GS says "peek-a-boo".

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dinosaur World

The boys are enjoying the skeletons and air conditioning.
Allosaurus is TZ's favorite.
J gets silly.
Grammie and the big boys.
T-rex eats Zoey the dog.

Young scientist

The boys got junior archeologist kits
to take to Dinosaur Valley.
It came with a bag, notepad, tweezers,
brush, and shovel!

Kinder Graduation

Relay for Life