Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Tis the Season, part 6 - Tree 3

We play "dirt santa" for our Christmas Eve Gifts.
Check out my sister's face when she saw the armadillo we brought.
GS gets spoiled by Grammie
The little ones tear into their gifts first.
The third tree with my family is always fun. We have a tradition where we greet each other with the words "Christmas Eve Gift", we eat, visit, and play Dirty Santa. When playing Dirty Santa everyone always tries to avoid getting the blue bowl - although sometimes people fight to get that ugly little thing.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

'Tis the Season, part 5 - Tree Two

J and I enjoy a walk in the lights.
DG's catch.
TZ admires a cousin's toy.
DG admires the lights.
Cousins love Christmas.

"Tree" Two was with my mom, dad, sisters and their families. We ate, opened gifts and went on a light tour. We came back to the house and ate a little more!

'Tis the Season, part 4 - Christmas Tree Farm Feild Trip

TZ fed some alpacas...
made a pyramid on some hay bales...
decorated a tree...
took a hayride, learned about trees, & had some fun!

'Tis the Season, part 3 - Our First Tree

Our first "tree" was with Nonnie & Pawpaw. We ate, opened gifts, and then headed downtown for some fun with the cousins. Here are some pictures from our outing.

Halfway finished with the Ruldolph Run. Chillin' in the tunnel of lights.
GS loves being carried in the backpack.
DG rides that pony.
TZ looks like a pro.
Santa & the boys - check out GS giving him "the eye".

'This the Season, part 2 - J's Work Party

Work Paarty

'Tis the Season, part 1 - a Christmas Parade

Yes, DG is taking a pre-parade nap.
Yes, Santa's sleigh is being lead by sheep.
Yes, it is cold out here.

GS Discovers Tree!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Little Man strikes a pose.

Black Friday (aka the Third Ring of Hell)

Most of you know that the ladies in my family over 18 go to Black Friday sales. It is a tradition and if you don't go you'll miss out on great deals and great fun (tongue is tucked tightly in my cheek). The most compelling reason for me to participate in this madness year after year is the following: if you are the "missing person" you WILL be talked about. I go in order to defend myself. Truth be told, I enjoy this more than I care to confess. Here are some pictures of the shopping adventure. Let the madness begin.
The huge pile of stuff in the first picture is ours. The last four show how we "packed" the car after purchasing things in two big boxes. K was such a trooper. Yes, we trapped her under two boxes. Yes, M and I had to lean forward all the way to my house. Yes, we know it probably wasn't the safest way to travel!

Thankful For....

My life-lovin' boy...
My hubby....
My boys....

Being a mommy to this little guy...
and this wonderful big brother.

It's Turkey Time!

Grammie & the boys
Gigi gets some GS love.
Go Cowboys!
Chey says, "I'm thankful for texting."
"Here K, try this."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Now everyone will know... the boys take after their dad.
JR is snoozing in a way that is not at all uncommon in the Lange house.
GS in typical Hollway boy "snooze form".
DG enjoying his afternoon siesta.
TZ as only child, snoozing with absolute peace and quiet.

I know what all my 10's of blog readers are thinking.... how could these three little boys possibly be related. I mean, they look NOTHING alike! You will just have to take the boss' (that's me) word for it.

Hook'em Babies!

GS is doing it.
DG did it when he was only a few days old.
TZ was the first one to do it.

JR and I didn't train them or ask them to do it. They just did it. And I was smart enough to take a picture. Coach this is for you! And Aggie Cousins - forgive them....they are children, they don't mean to break your hearts!